Our Mission

  Our Mission  
We unite as Christians
to worship God in all we do,
grow in spiritual maturity, 
lead lives of service,
and increase the number of believers in Christ.

We unite as Christians
We are Lutheran Christians joyfully finding answers to life in Jesus as members of a group united for His purposes.

To worship God in all we do
Our worship is "middle of the road"; connected to the past, but not lost in it; variety with structure; a time apart from the daily world to help us live in our daily world.

Grow in spiritual maturity
We strive to develop adult Christian responses to life as it is, growing into the people God had in mind when He gave us to His world.

Lead lives of service
We are discovering the truth that satisfaction comes from defining one's life as service to others in response to God's goodness.

And increase the number of believers in Christ
We are thirsty pilgrims willing to show others where we have found water.