Pastor's Corner


Witnessing to an Atheist

Talking about Jesus with someone who is open or actively interested is the ideal.  But what about those among us who deny the very existence of a supernatural being? How do you talk about the Savior to someone who believes our very existence is purely random and good and evil are simply concepts humans invented?     First, be not afraid! Avoid the debate. Winning a debate is about skill in arguing, not the truth. Approach your encounter or relationship as a learner and without judgment. This is a big issue. If there is an atheist in your world, gather a few faithful to pray daily. Also, read books and testimonies by former atheists to give insight. When you encounter a belligerent or cruel person, move on-no pearls before swine, remember? The Lord has a plan for reaching them another way. Below are a few nonconfrontational things that have worked for others. Remember that no matter the outcome of the conversation, seeds have been planted....

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New Things

April Focus: How can I /we share our faith? 2 The Eager Berean April 2017 As we are beginning Spring we will soon be leaving the season of Lent and entering Easter. At this time of year our thoughts turn to new things. The new flowers coming up from the ground. The new leaves sprouting from the tress. The new sun that seemingly was lost for a few months. In the midst of this newness, the most important is the newness of Christ’s resurrection from the dead for us all again. The newness of our Savior’s love being given to us in faith. The newness of God’s eternal grace being given to us. While Lent points out our sin and need for our Savior, Easter gives us our Savior with bright Alleluia’s and trumpet sounds. The church in Acts was in a constant state of new things. It started with Jesus’ Ascension into heaven. It continued with a new Apostle (leader), thousands new in Baptism, new miracles, a new understanding of Scripture, new elders, new persecutions,...

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