Worship Services

Sundays, 9:00 am:  in-person; Facebook live-stream video and replay; replay on YouTube; DVD.
Thursdays, 7:00 pm:  in-person; Facebook live-stream video and replay.

Bulletins, readings, and children's activities for online worship
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Missionary Updates

Please support those who take the Good News to the world!  

Food Distribution

Berea's Second Harvest food distributions will start again in June 2021.  In 2020 we were priveleged to share 54,596 pounds of God's abundance with our neighbors. Thank you, volunteers and donors!

Drop-In Communion

If you are craving the healing balm of our Lord's body and blood, but not ready for in-person Sunday worship, call the office to sign up for a slot at one of these small-group "touchless" Holy Communion services:

Tuesday, May 11, 9:00-10:00
Thursday, May 13, 4:30-5:30

What Are Those Lutherans Up To?

Nearby and all across the LCMS, our brothers and sisters in Christ are engaged in bringing the love of Christ, by Word and deed, to a broken world.  See what's up!  

Bible Reading Challenge

Being in the Word and breathing the breath of the Holy Spirit are the sustenance of our souls, necessary to our faith. Watch Pastor Tiaden's Facebook Live posting each morning commenting on the day's reading! Leave comments and questions.  (No Bible? Read it online at Biblia or BibleGateway.)  

May: The Life of Faith - Faith/Politics/Change

How we are to live in a time of societal change? What part of change in society am I to take, make? And, no, this is not a series bashing that direction of our society, but asking how we are to be in this world for our Lord while not being of it. How do we live in this world where, as a hymn writer puts it well, “I’m but a stranger here, heaven is my home.”  See below, the Berea Beacon, or the Eager Berean for the list.

“Love constrains us to put ourselves on an equality with those among whom we sojourn, since that can be done without peril to our faith.” -Martin Luther

Kingdom of Grace vs. Kingdom of Power
May 3: I Peter 2:9-12 (What are we?)
May 4: John 15:19, 17:16; I John 5:4 (Not of this world)
May 5: Ephesians 2:19-22; Philippians 3:20-21 (Citizens of heaven)
May 6: Romans 12:9-21 (Marks of a Christian)
May 7: Luke 1:75; Matthew 6:33; Romans 14:13-19 (Duties of citizen of heaven)
May 8: Acts 17:7, 25:8, 10, 11, 21; 26:32; 27:24; 28:19
(Caesar) (Proconsul, Governor, Magistrates, Police, City Authorities, Town Clerk) 
Acts 21:39, 37-38; 22:25-29; 23:27; 25:16; 28:17 (Citizen in Kingdom of Power)
May 9: Sunday Bible Study wrap up 
Does God care about things in this world outside of faith?
May 10: Psalms 99:4, 106:3; Leviticus 19:15; Deuteronomy 16:20, 27:19 (justice)
May 11: Isaiah 1:17; 9:7; 61:8 (justice)
May 12: Amos 5:18-24 (what does the Lord desire?)
May 13: Matthew 6:1-4; John 12:1-7 (Give to needy)
May 14: 15:18-21 (in world not of it)
May 15: John 16:25-33 (Even the End)
May 16: Sunday Bible Study wrap up 

Roles of ruler’s and citizen’s
May 17: Romans 13:1-4
May 18: Romans 13:5-10
May 19: Matthew 22:21, I Peter2:13-14
May 20: I Timothy 2:1-6, Titus 3:1 (Prayer)
May 21: I Samuel 20:30-34; Matthew 2:13-15; Daniel 3 (When to disobey)
May 22: Daniel 6:1-28; Acts 5:29; Matthew 22:21 (When to disobey) 
May 23: Sunday Bible Study wrap up 
Place of our faith in the public square
May 24: I Peter 2:13-17 (To the State)
May 25: I Peter 2:18-25 (To the Lord)
May 26: I Peter 3:8-17 (Suffer for doing good)
May 27: II Samuel 12:1-15 (Nathan rebukes the King)
May 28: Esther 4 (Esther; for this time)
May 29: Nehemiah 1:1 – 2:8 (Nehemiah’s office)
May 30: Sunday Bible Study wrap up 

How should a Christian live in the secular world?
May 31: Day of rest 
June 1: Matthew 22:15 - 22 (Render unto Caesar)
June 2: Acts 25:21 – 22; 26:1-32 (Paul as Roman citizen)
June 3: Matthew 5:43-48; Colossians 4:2-6 (Love enemies/outsiders)
June 4: Daniel 1:8-21; 2:46-49; (Daniel serves)
June 5: Genesis 41:37-52 (Joseph serves)
June 6: Sunday Bible Study wrap up 

Pandemic Information

"I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world."  John 16.33

Please let us know if you need any special assistance due to the pandemic. Berea is now holding in-person worship services and Sunday School - with special precautions - while also providing online services and Bible studies and "touchless" drop-in Communion. Please wear your mask in the building to comply with State guidelines.

See the Letter from the Pastor and additional resources.