Church Council

  Church Council  
Church Government
Under Jesus Christ, Berea is managed somewhat like a representative democracy. The Voters’ Assembly, which meets three times a year, is ultimately responsible for Berea's ministry direction. It approves the budget, calls pastors, and decides major issues.  It also elects the constitutional officers of the congregation - President, President-Elect, (3) Stewards, (3) Elders and (3) Deacons - and the Endowment Advisory Managers.

The constitutional officers and the Pastor make up the Church Council.  Council members serve two-year terms, except that the President-Elect succeeds the President after one year.  Terms follow the calendar year.  Persons may serve up to two consecutive terms in an office.  The Church Council meets monthly to govern the work of the congregation as defined and agreed upon in the Voters’ Assembly meetings. It also appoints the
Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Property Managers, and other individuals and committees as necessary.

The Elders, Deacons, and Stewards each function as boards with responsibility for particular areas:
  • Elders - worship, teaching, membership, and called workers
  • Stewards - financial matters and personnel
  • Deacons - other programs and activities of the congregation

The congregation's ministry is carried out not only by those mentioned above, but also by numerous volunteers, serving individually or on "ministry teams." Each team is supported by a designated board, officer, or staff person.

More information about our church government, as well as the roles and responsibilities of elected and appointed positions, can be found in the Constitution and By-Laws or by calling the church office.
Current Church Officers
2018 Church Council Members
Carol Lean
Elders Jeff Banks
Jerry Gatz
Thomas Kaufman
Deacons Alexis Gartland
Josh Thompson
Barb Bly Colbert
Stewards Mike Murphy
Christian Weidner
Bruce Davis

Other Elected and Appointed Positions
Before and After Care Support Team Linda Springer
Carol Lean
Endowment Advisory Managers
    (3 year term/1 year rotation)
Chuck Brummer
Jerry Gatz
Dan Fors
Recording Secretary Cheryl Avenson
Property Managers Andy Schuster
Chuck Brummer
Secretary Shirley Cave
Treasurer Gayle Hafner
Personnel Committee Steve Opdahl
Diane Davis
Lynn Schuster