Sermon Titles
Sundays 8:30am & 10:45am
Thursdays 7:00pm

               Summer Worship - I Always Wanted to Hear a Sermon About...

May 29       I Always Wanted to Hear About Predestination  Galatians 1:1-11
June 5         The Relationship Between Grace and Faith  Ephesians 2:8-10
June 12       The Significance of Troas, Bethany, Berea in the Bible? Many References
June 19       The Importance of Proverbs  Proverbs 1-6  (Father's Day)
June 26       Will We Know Our Fmaily In Heaven  Luke 20:27-40
July 3          Why Does a Loving God Send People to Hell?  Luke 10: 1-20
July 10        What is at the Center of a Sermon?  1 Corinthians 3:12
July 17        Pastor Fung Lo Preaching - Theme and text to be determined.
July 24        Who was Alexander?  Was He Alexander the Great?  
Ecclesiastes 1:2, 12-14;2:18-26
July 31        A Wise Man Believes in God or Things Never Change  Ecclesiastes 1-5

Job Opening

Music Director
Berea is looking for applicants for our soon to be open Music Director position.  This position requires leadership/planning skills in Traditional, Contemporary, and Blended worship styles as well as strong keyboards skills on organ and piano. Our Music Director serves as Choir/Bell Director and Sunday organist/pianist.  If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact Barb Hendricks (Parish Administrator) at or Diane Davis (Personnel Committee member) at   Besides full contact info, qualifications and a current resume would be preferred. This is currently structured as a 20-25 hours per week position and the candidate must be available to respond to inquiries from church staff throughout the week.

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